About us:

Posh Omega is dedicated to providing women products that promote confidence and a lifestyle option that can be used for anything and everything. Our products are designed with quality, comfort and affordability in mind. Our team has tested each of our products to ensure that our customers are provided activewear that will endure the toughest gym routine or yoga session.

Our Mission:

Posh Omega is a female focused brand that will provide a family atmosphere for all of our clients. Our mission is to promote a healthy lifestyle through togetherness. As part of the Posh Omega family we will support your growth as a female, both mentally and physically. We are dedicated to your growth.

How It Started:

Our story starts in a small town in the mountains. Our founder was born with big dreams and an even bigger boldness for life and fashion. This is her story…….

“Family is where I get my strength, tenacity, and willingness to never backdown in the face of adversity.”

I come from a very strong-willed family. Growing up we did not have a lot and we were certainly not rich, but my parents always seemed to provide what we needed. My father and mother had a huge impact on my life and how I became the woman I am today. My father was a very strong man and would always expect the best from his children, no matter what the situation. My father worked tirelessly to try and provide for his family, while still guiding our paths into adulthood. My mother is a very caring, strong-willed woman in her own right. Just like my father, she was always there to carry me through all my adversities and put me back on the right path into adulthood. Family is where I get my strength, tenacity, and willingness to never backdown in face of adversity. I was brought up to be tough and independent which helped me tremendously through life.

Growing up I was a very active little girl. I was not your typical “prim and proper” young lady. I remember fondly of times climbing trees, playing sports with the boys in my area and doing the things that a typical little girl was “not supposed to be doing”. I have always been a protector of sorts. Even to the point of brawling with the boys in my neighbourhood for picking my sister or the other girls in the neighbourhood. I was not the type to backdown from a challenge or shy away from something that I was “not supposed to be doing”. Even when I was young, I saw the strength in being a woman and never envisioned myself as less than anyone else.

“Through fitness I was able to find peace in myself.”

I found myself stumbling through life as we all do, never really finding a purpose to my journey. I struggled being a young adult and to fight off many demons. I became depressed, overweight, and unhappy in my life. I was influenced by my father to start my fitness journey. Through fitness I was able to find peace in myself. I started with just a simple small goal and would accomplish that goal. With this practice I started to shape and define my life in a more positive direction. Honestly, I still struggle with this, but I continue the same path of small goals each day. I fell in love with fitness. I started to fall in love with myself again.

As all adults do, I started down my career path while hitting the gym as much as possible. Various jobs in sales, marketing, and fashion. I was not satisfied with my path and decided to take a “leap of faith” in myself and try to pursue a career in fitness. I realized that I could share my motivation with others. So, I became a Personal Trainer.

I have met and trained so many women during this portion of my life. Many were in different stages of their own journeys and the sharing of this experience with them was, and continues to be absolutely amazing. We helped each other grow as women, the vibe was always positive, and we remain still today a “family”.

I wanted to bring these same vibes to the activewear industry and not just sell clothes. I wanted to invite, encourage, and maintain the same positive “family” atmosphere that had started to grow.

We live in an age of body perfection. Seeing all the “perfect girls” on social media and we tend to look at ourselves negatively. “Why is my butt so flat” “My stomach is so bloated” “My legs are not long or strong enough” “I feel so ugly”.

I have my own tough days and takes a lot to get these thoughts out of my own head as well. Through my personal journey I have learned to love my own body flaws.

I met my life partner and he motivated me to continue the dream of promoting body positivity and acceptance in a “family” atmosphere. So I developed a line of clothing to maintain the natural shape and curves while offering support where we as women need it.

This is our story….. the birth of POSH OMEGA, “Endless Possibilities”

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