Get Fit On a Budget: Affordable Activewear That Doesn’t Compromise On Quality

You must strike a balance between getting quality wear and their price point. You do not have to compromise on the quality of your activewear because of the price. Posh Omega has a vast collection of affordable activewear without compromising on quality. Here is a look at some of our favourite picks from our vast collection to help you decide when shopping with us.

Nora Racerback Sports Bra

It is designed to take your workout sessions to the next level.It is a low-impact sports bra making it ideal for low-impact physical exercises such as Pilates and Yoga.It is constructed with a supportive moisture-wicking fabric that lets you stay dry and comfortable during your workout.The bra is made with the perfect fabric to wear under your t-shirt or a sports jacket if you want a modest look.

Elizabeth Butt-Sculpting Leggings

These leggings are named after Elizabeth II and live up to their name. The Elizabeth Butt-Sculpting Leggings give you that loyal feeling, and you are sure you will turn heads with these sets. It is constructed with a silky, ultra-soft ribbed fabric blend that is tough enough to withstand any workout.

It is also stylish enough to wear every day when running your errands. It comes with a turtle neck top with our signature Posh drawstrings that offer a delicate chic look. This set is available in baby blue, black, lilac and mint green.

Gabriela Biker Shorts

Named after Gabriela Mistral, the Gabriela Biker shorts from our Lavish collection is designed with premium fabric to ensure comfort and longevity. It is made of a silky ribbed fabric, and ultra-soft is tough enough to withstand high-impact exercises.

The shorts are very stylish to wear daily. Constructed with our high-end moisture-wicking technology and our signature butt-sculpting scrunch support to offer the perfect sculpt and support for your bum. The shorts come with a double zip vest that allows you to be conservative if you want to. You can adjust your double zipper that you can easily adjust to meet your preferences. This set is in beige, black, chocolate, cyan and white.

Junko Go-to Hoodie

Named in honor of Junko Tabei, the first woman to ever climb to the higher peak of every continent, the Junko Go-to Hoodie is off our mellow collection. The hoodie is constructed to withstand all types of weather conditions and is designed for your everyday comfort.

It is finished with a drop shoulder design and reflective Posh Omega logo drawstrings to allow you to conquer your mountains in style. It is also designed to be worn for your daily activities or errands. The Junko hoodie is available in white and black.

Amelia Over-Sized Tees

Off our Elemental Collection, the Amelia Over-Sized Tees are breathable, sweat-wicking and fast-drying fabric for added comfort. It is an idea of all types of adventures, meaning it is excellent for outdoor and indoor workouts. The tees are designed to be oversized hence a great addition to your modest workout wardrobe.

The tees are designed to be your go-to attire for comfort and stylish coverage. The Amelia Over-Sized Tees are available in white, brown, black, beige and grey.


At Posh Omega, we have a range of affordable activewear collections, including the Elemental Collection, The Lavish Collection and The Mellow Collection. We have curated different collections with unique pieces to ensure you are comfortable and confident during your workout sessions. Our prices are affordable, but you can trust us not to skimp on quality.

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