Sports Bra: 4 Things You Must Keep In Mind While Choosing A Sports Bra For Yourself

Did you know 1 in 5 women put off working out because of their breasts? Breasts can move up and down during a workout up to 19 cm, which can be very painful. Studies have shown that many women experience discomfort while working out because of wearing the wrong sports bra size. However, it doesnโ€™t have to be that way. It would help if you learned how to pick the right sports bra to ensure your workouts are comfortable and enjoyable.

Further studies have shown that intense workouts such as running and skipping rope can damage breast tissue if you do not have the correct sports bra while working out. Here are vital tips to help you choose the right sports bra size.

The Support

Sports bras as designed to offer different levels of support. There are low, medium and high-impact sports bras. The type of sports bra you will need will depend on the type of exercise and your cup size.

  • Low-Medium Impact sports bra

These are ideal for low-impact exercises such as yoga, walking and strength training, while medium-impact exercises such as skiing, dancing and cycling. Low-medium sports bars have a cup-less construction, and they restrict movement by compressing your breasts against your chest wall.

  • High Impact sports bra

High-impact sports bras are ideal for aerobics, running and mountain biking. These are constructed with a defined cup structure similar to regular bras. They are made to cover and support each breast. High-impact sports bras use compression and encapsulation methods for bra support.

Your Sports Bra Size

When it comes to sports bras, size is everything. When buying the right sports bra, the number one rule is ensuring you have the correct size for a good fit. If the size is not spot on, it will not fit well, therefore not performing well.ย 

There is a misconception that sports bras are the same size as your regular bras. This is, however, not always correct since sports bras are all designed differently from your everyday bras. Therefore, it is essential to ensure that you measure carefully before purchasing one.

Here are some vital tips to ensure your sports bra fits right. Make sure you take your time to do this to guarantee the best outcomes. You can measure yourself or get a partner to help you out to make the process easy.

  • Measure your underbust

Make sure you take the measurements when not wearing a bra. Then stand with your arms hanging by your side casually. Ensure the tape sits directly under the breast. This is where your bra band would typically sit. Make sure you make the measurement horizontal all the way around while ensuring it is snug enough and loose enough to fit two fingers underneath.

  • Measure the overbust

Stand straight and measure horizontally around the whole part of your breasts. This is usually over your nipples. Measuring your overbust is best when wearing a good-fitting bra. Ensure the tape is not too tight when resting on your body. It is also essential to ensure the tape is straight across your back and parallel to the floor.

So how do you use the measurement of your overbust and underbust to find the perfect sports bra size? You will need a sizing matrix that is available online while shopping.

Proper Panels And Bands

Make sure your sports bra has multiple bands and panels. The bottom of the band is designed to support your breasts, while the side panels are placed there to ensure no spillage. While choosing your sports bra, ensure you can pull the band at least half an inch. If not, go for the size above, it.

Fabric Should Have A Soaking Wick

You are going to sweat while working out. It is, therefore, essential to ensure the fabric has a soaking mechanism or a proper breathable wick. If now, you may experience some rashes and chaffing, which I am sure you do not want.

If you want the perfect sports bra for low to high-impact exercises, check out Posh Omega. We have a variety of sports bras on our website that will match your preference and physical activity.

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